Sunday, October 26, 2008


Amazingly, my new neighborhood has a cluster of streets named after the giants of German and Austro-Hungarian classicism and romanticism. There are streets named after Goethe and Schiller (both pictured above), as well as a Mozart Street, a Beethoven Street, and a Schubert Street (sadly, no Schumann or Brahms), and the unidiomatically-spelled (and perhaps -pronounced) Haendel and Hayden [sic] Streets. Perhaps I will be happy here.


Anonymous said...

A nice country town near here is called "Milton", so, of course, it has a Chaucer Street, as well as Shakespeare, Spenser, Dryden, Burns, Cowper, Johnson and Scott Streets. Also, charmingly, it has an Ossian Street.

I think I'll retire to Johnson Street. Which street would you live in?



Pentimento said...

Beethoven Street, without a doubt. (Actually, it has the nicest homes around here, too.) But Ossian Street would be a very close second.