Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Holy Souls

Dawn Eden has written a moving post about a life-changing dream (which sounds like one of the very few true dreams we may be fortunate enough to receive in this life). Christmas Day is traditionally regarded as a time when many souls are freed from Purgatory; may our prayers help them, and help those who remain.

I wish great joy on Christmas day and beyond to all who visit here.


Tertium Quid said...

Poetic justice! Souls freed from Purgatory during the children's Mass on Christmas Eve. What a thought!

Pentimento said...

A priest I know told my husband that a friend of his, also a priest, had opened his locked church on Christmas morning before the Mass at dawn, and found the pews filled with poorly-dressed people in prayer. He asked them how they'd gotten in, and no one answered. He turned away, and when he looked again, they were gone. He believes they were souls about to make the transition from Purgatory.