Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on Urgent Prayer Request

C.'s wife told me that he made it through ten hours of surgery with flying colors. He will be blind in one eye and mildly facially disfigured, and there's a good chance that his brain damage will be slight, although the extent is not yet known. All of this is nothing short of miraculous -- thank you for your prayers.

C. will be in rehab for quite some time, however, and will probably lose his job. Please continue to pray for this very vulnerable family.


Anonymous said...

Good. Wonderful, expecially for the sake of his small child.


Dave said...

Wonderful news. I've taken though to simply praying at dinner every night "For all who are sick, for all who've lost thier jobs, and for all who've asked for our prayers."

My verification word is 'bared'

Pentimento said...

Thank you both for your prayers for C. and family. It's amazing to me that anyone could recover from three gunshots to the head, let alone with so little apparent damage.

I don't know how this is going to affect their marriage. His wife is feeling quite desperate, and I pray for more miracles for them. I've found that God can be incredibly profligate with miracles, especially concerning people you might not think deserve them.

Dave said...

God's certainly been profligate with blessings to me and I'm not deserving.

Pentimento said...

Ditto, Dave.