Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mr. B.

This is the fourth movement, the famous "Rondò alla Zingarese," or Gypsy Rondo, from Brahms's Piano Quartet op. 25 in G Minor. I've been listening to it in ecstasy on an old recording by Artur Rubinstein and the Guarneri Quartet, but his version is pretty darned good, and I love seeing the trams go by in the background.

The best part of this for me is the way that the piano plays the phrase of the opening theme a measure behind the strings; it's ver exciting.


Otepoti said...

Triple fabulous.

I loved the grainy b&w filming - klasse!

Pentimento said...

No Hungarian minor scale in this piece, but isn't it Teh Awesome? Actually, the whole quartet is wonderful, very cohesive, with each successive movement a clear transformation of the first movement themes. You'd dig it. It might even make a late-German-Romantic out of you.

Otepoti said...

Can I be that *and* a baroque maven *and* a Facebook-acknowledged aficionado of Tomas Luis de Victoria?

(That's what hanging around Fallen Sparrow's blog will do for ya.)

My head may explode.

Pentimento said...

Probably not. You should tell Fallen that, though. It's true compliment.