Friday, March 4, 2011

Poetry Friday: "Un edificio, di notte"

un edificio, di notte
improvvisamente in una stanza si accende una luce.
dopo qualche minuto, si spegne

(a building, at night
suddenly a light appears in one of the rooms.
after a few minutes, it goes out)

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook wall.  She claims it is by the legendary Italian avant-garde composer and pianist Giancarlo Cardini, but I have been unable to verify its authorship or its provenance.  I loved it, though.
UPDATE: It is indeed by Cardini, from his collection of micro-poems and verbal scores Bolle di sapone (Soap Bubbles).


Judy@Learningtoletgo said...

Lovely small poem! I just discovered your blog, and I want to come back and read more of your posts. Thanks for this.

Pentimento said...

Welcome here, Judy!