Thursday, August 11, 2011

When the Catholic Family is Not Holy

I have been assured by my priest that Christ suffers with us. Don’t get me wrong. I do not doubt that at all (though there are times I have some very strong words for Our Lord). But those words can be very cheap. Why? Because WE are the Body of Christ. US.  Christ is pragmatic. THE message that Mother Teresa gave to the world is that God wanted US to administer to those in need.  If Catholics are so offended by feminism, then why are they conspicuously absent from Rape Hotlines, Domestic Violence shelters, and worse, the complete lack of conversation on it?  Silence.

A hard-hitting post from my friend Sofia, a faithful Catholic who has lived through the horrors of domestic violence and family abuse.


Mrs C said...

Thanks for linking to this. It is a brilliant post. There is, however, I think, a danger with assuming that the woman is always the victim. Sometimes (however rarely) it is the mother who is the perpetrator.
Children abused by their mothers don't anyone advocating for them... not even the feminists.

Anonymous said...

I was in agreement with the blogger up to the point where she said that we must always believe the woman. I think it's very dangerous to single out any set of people and declare that they are always to be believed without proof or question (along with the obvious corollary, which is that another set of people - in this instance, men - is assumed to be always lying). Aside from the ethical problems with this stance, and the potential for terrible injustice, we do have the legal right to be presumed innocent. We saw the results of unquestioning acceptance in the "satanic panic" a few decades back, wherein we were told we had to unquestioningly "believe the children" even when things they said were physically impossible. And then there was the "recovered memory" madness, which had seemingly every adult suddenly "remembering" that their fathers abused them (at the behest of poorly trained therapists who believed that not remembering abuse was proof it occurred). Again, we were urged to believe without proof and even with strong proof to the contrary - and many innocent people went to prison. I have personal and professional experience with the dynamics of abusive families. Although no one would deny that the man is more likely to be physically abusive, I've seen many cases where the woman is equally so. However, even if I'd only seen ONE, I couldn't (for both legal and moral reasons) adopt the attitude that a given group of people is always telling the truth.

Pentimento said...

These are all important points, thanks.