Monday, March 26, 2012

Malcolm Monday

Thanks to the powerful advocacy of Carla and others, there is now over $7,000 $13,600 available towards Malcolm's adoption, and there are one or two families who are discerning whether they are called to be his family.

Please give, and if you can't, please pray. Please pray anyway.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans . . . in their distress.

UPDATE: Twelve hours after I wrote this post, after a day in which at least half a dozen bloggers that I know of wrote posts about Malcolm, there is $9,600 in his fund! God is good! Let us pray that he will soon be home with his family.


ex-new yorker said...

I see $12,590 now.

It must be hard to decide to focus on one child among so many, but if everybody divides up their donations, would anybody get adopted? I think I'm trying to articulate something that's applicable to many situations, but I don't know exactly how...

I guess it's similar to how we try to give our own kids a higher level of nutrition, education, etc., instead of giving them just-get-by levels so we can spread more of what we have around to poor kids "out there"... in part it's because we're hoping to raise them to have more to give to others from their own personal strengths. Or something. I mean, it's a puzzle, since we still have to give to the poor rather than saying the "best" of everything for our own kids is an investment in society's future.

Pentimento said...

I hear you, Ex-New Yorker. The number of orphans worldwide is estimated at around 143 million, and thinking about helping all of them is liable to make you want to fall into despair. You can only save one person at a time. I think people's hearts are going out to Malcolm not just in tribute to the bloggers who are advocating for him, like Carla, Jen Fulwiler, Brianna, and Leila, but also because his sensitivity stands out so clearly, and also the fact that he's almost aged out of the orphanage system in his country and will surely not survive for long in a mental health institute.

ex-new yorker said...

Well, when I sent an appeal for him to a certain cat-loving relative of mine, I said, "He carries around a stuffed tiger. What more do you need to know?" :)