Thursday, April 5, 2012

Before, During, and After the Airport

I just want to note briefly that Jude is a very, very cool little kid.

And I want to thank some people who helped us in getting him here, especially the wonderful and brilliant Otepoti, who, with my husband, brought him home.

But there are also some local friends (a term that until recently I thought was an oxymoron) who helped in all kinds of ways, including

- Laura, who drove eight hours round-trip to pick them up at Newark Airport.
- Sara, who with her construction-worker husband brought over and assembled a crib for him.
- Father W., who assured me that God privileges adoption in a special way.
- Maria, who gave me a box of lemon pastilles from Sicily on a bad day.

And the Chinese-born Princeton professor who sat next to my husband on the flight going over, and emailed him later to say:

I was delighted to hear from you and to receive pictures of your new son.
As I told you on the flight, I was deeply moved by your unselfish love! What a lucky boy with a wonderful family.
Jude looks very healthy, smart and handsome.
Thank you very much for what you did to Jude and to this world!

Thank you so much, friends -- and especially you who have been praying -- for what you, too, did to Jude and to this world.


Kimberlie said...

Isn't the Lord wonderful? In so many ways! You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of supportive friends. A truly blessed Easter to you and your family!!!!

Pentimento said...

Amen, Kimberlie. Thank you for all of your help with this process too and for answering all of my questions so patiently. Blessed Easter to you and yours.

Calah said...

I love this post! I hope you have an amazing Triduum. I will be thinking of and praying for your family.

elena maria vidal said...

I am so happy for you! What an Easter blessing!!!

ex-new yorker said...

Yay! Such a nice update all around. I didn't realize your local friend was driving you to a not-so-local airport -- she sounds like a great "find." (I am still amazed at my own local friend who sounds downright *eager* to help with needs related to my illness... who knew willingness and ability sometimes came so conveniently in one package?) And the airplane neighbor is such a nice touch.

All the effort that goes into adopting one child out of "the many" kind of reminds me of that saying, isn't it supposed to be a Jewish one, about how in saving one life you save the whole world (at least for that one person). Of course it's not a one-way blessing.

Happy Easter to all of you!

eaucoin said...

So glad to hear that Jude is finally home. Your other son may be feeling a little bit uncertain about his place and one of the things that I found helped me was that when the littler one needed something, or when there was a gift for the younger one, I would give it to the older child to give to the younger. The littler one would feel as though it came from the older one, and that seemed to cement the bond between them.

JMB said...

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!

MrsDarwin said...

Happy Easter! You've been in my thoughts and prayers all week, and I'm delighted to hear that so far the transition has been joyous.

Melanie B said...

Happy Easter! Thanks be to God for a happy homecoming. We'll continue to pray for Jude's health.

Anne-Marie said...

Happy Easter!
This was the first post I saw after my Lenten abstinence from blogs. What a happy one! Your whole family will continue in my prayers.