Monday, August 27, 2012

"He ate at Outback. Of course you had to abort." [UPDATED]

"Believe me when I tell you that I'm not superficial."

Not sure where the love story is in this, unless it's on the part of the author towards herself.

The best part of this sad and disturbing article is the comments (though tread cautiously if you're sensitive or easily offended); my title quote is one of these in its entirety.

UPDATE: Seraphic provides an excellent analysis of the article.


MrsDarwin said...

I kinda liked this comment:

"In sum: Gila fell in love with a man and conceived a child with him, but then she decided he was wrong for her, so she found a doctor to lie to her and destroy their inconvenient baby. A perfect anti-love story. So thrilled is Gila at her freedom to choose her own destiny that she compares herself to God destroying the first-born. She has indeed chosen it. Perhaps Pharaoh will be amused to hear how an enlightened Jewess arrived at his solution to the problem of excess Hebrew children, when she meets him in Gehenna."

Pointed, but not a bad summation of the story.

Pentimento said...

And by a co-religionist, too, who was clearly appalled at her drawing inferences between the Passover and her abortion.

Maureen said...

I read the story three times. I did not find the quote at the beginning of your blog.

Pentimento said...

Sorry, Maureen - the quote is from one of the comments, many of which are trenchant. I'll amend the post to make that clearer.

The Raving Theist said...

I look forward to the sequel, "Infanticide, A Love Story."

Having over the years read countless stories of this genre (a few dozen at Salon alone), it amazes me how original the authors always seem to think they're being. I guess the left will never tire of the "abortion is great and liberating but I'm really brave and nuanced for throwing in a sentence wherein I wistfully wonder about the fetus's heart" trope. That, and awaiting martyrdom in the comments section so the author can express mock astonishment that anyone found her offering controversial.