Friday, June 21, 2013

Poetry Friday: Next Year

Next year, she says, I think I will be four,
And will I still live here,
she asks, in this house, and with you?
A funny kid thing to say except
she's from the orphanage so it's not funny
entirely, not entire comedy I'd say.
Of course I tell her
you'll live here
with me forever, until you kick me out,
until you pry me from your side
with your stubborn teenage body,
with your young adult scorn,
with your middle aged disgust,
with whatever weapon you try against me.
And even then we will not be parted.
It took a miracle to part the waves.
It would take a greater miracle to drive me from you.

-- Liz Rosenberg, from The Lily Poems, ©Bright Hill Press, 2008

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Carol said...

I adopted my two boys at ages 7 and 9. I'm sending this to them tonight! Thank you!

Tabatha said...

Those last two lines!

Have you read The Lily Poems? If so, did you like it?

Pentimento said...

Yes, I read it and I loved it.