Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prayer Request

My goddaughter's mother, N., is an undocumented immigrant who's been away from her home country, Brazil, for fifteen years, and has virtually no hope of going back. She just won full custody of her daughter after a two-and-a-half-year court battle, which was precipitated by the child's American father kidnapping her across state lines. He has now had himself legally declared impoverished in order to have his child support payments reduced to $25 a month. Meanwhile, his daugther and her mother live in a shelter.

N. has just found out that her mother in Rio de Janeiro has cancer. The little bit of money that we send N. each month is now going to pay for medication for her mother, who is desperately poor. N. cannot go to Brazil, because she will be forbidden reentry into the United States, and her daughter, an American citizen, has been mandated by the court to have once-monthly weekend visits with her father in New Jersey.

Please pray for N.'s mother, Mariaelena, and also for N. and her daughter.

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