Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round About Midnight

Kathleen Ferrier singing #3 of Mahler's Rückert-Lieder, "Um Mitternacht." The great Bruno Walter conducts the Vienna Philharmonic.

Here is a translation of Rückert's poem:

At midnight
I awoke
and gazed up to heaven;
No star in the entire mass
did smile down at me
at midnight.

At midnight
I projected my thoughts
out past the dark barriers.
No thought of light
brought me comfort
at midnight.

At midnight
I paid close attention
to the beating of my heart;
One single pulse of agony
flared up
at midnight.

At midnight
I fought the battle,
o Mankind, of your suffering;
I could not decide it
with my strength
at midnight.

At midnight
I surrendered my strength
into your hands!
Lord! over death and life
You keep watch
at midnight!


Otepoti said...

Beautiful, thank you. Another song I didn't know.

What an excellent language for song is German. English must be a nightmare by comparison.


Pentimento said...

OMG, Otepoti, yes! German is am besten (after Italian, of course).