Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"God's Girl"

An absolutely amazing speech given in Australia in 2008 by Gianna Jessen, the survivor of a late-term abortion.  The second part of her speech is also on Youtube.


Rodak said...

She is a very compelling speaker, indeed.

Maria Horvath said...

Dear Pentimento,

Thank you for giving us the gift of this courageous woman's words.

I will let the poet speak for me.


Being born is important.
You who have stood at the bedposts
and seen a mother on her high harvest day,
the day of the most golden of harvest moons for her.

You who have seen the new wet child
dried behind the ears,
swaddled in soft fresh garments,
pursing its lips and sending a groping mouth
toward the nipples where white milk is ready –

You who have seen this love’s payday
of wild toil and sweet agonizing –

You know being born is important.
You know nothing else was ever so important to you.
You understand the payday of love is so old,
So involved, so traced with circles of the moon,
So cunning with the secrets of the salts of the blood –
It must be older than the moon, older than salt.

~ Carl Sandburg (1878-1967), American poet and writer and biographer of Lincoln

Pentimento said...

What a stunning poem! Thank you!