Saturday, December 31, 2011

Advent Novena 2011 Wrap-Up

In addition to my own intentions, and those of my family and the friends known to me in person, I prayed for the desires of the following blog-friends and -readers during the November 30 - December 24 Advent Novena:

- Kimberlie of Welcome to the Dumpling House
- Mrs. C (who is also by now a dear friend in real life as well)
- The Ranter and her husband
- Ex-New Yorker
- Ex-New Yorker's friend Dawn
- Nayhee
- Tubbs
- JMB and her family

I have heard from two of these friends that their intentions have been granted favorably. If you have had your Advent Novena prayers fulfilled (and if you feel comfortable doing so) please share your experience in the comments box. It has been a privilege to pray for you all; praying for your intentions has been a gift to my own heart. I wish a very beautiful new year to all.


ex-new yorker said...

Well, as you know, we have had at least one significant piece of good work news, and we also have a party interested in working with our business in a way that may help solve some of our family's difficulties long-term. Is that vague enough? That latter thing, to me, is the biggest deal, and it does have some of those aspects that make you wonder if you can see God having nudged the development along, if that makes any sense. It still might not work out the way I'm dreaming about, but while remaining vague enough to be uninteresting to anyone reading your comments box, it seems to have more than one way to benefit those involved than the main way hoped. Um, yeah, maybe I should just email you.

I also mentioned to you privately that my friend was touched to hear she was being prayed for (I just had the impression she was the kind of person who would feel that way if you mentioned you'd asked someone to remember her in a novena, and she seemed to be), and she seems to be feeling better these days, at least.

Thank you so much for including us in your prayers!

JMB said...

Thank you for the prayers for my family. Things are better in some ways. Happy New Year!

Pentimento said...

Happy to hear it. God is good.