Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Malcolm

Carla and her family adopted baby Henry from an eastern European orphanage last year with help from Reece's Rainbow.

Please read her post about Malcolm, a sensitive -- and cognitively normal -- little boy who is scheduled to be confined to a mental institution if not adopted within a few months, as is the normal course with special-needs orphanage children in his country. And forward, re-post, Facebook, contribute to his fund, or even search your heart to discern if you yourself might provide, or might know, his future family.


Robin E. said...

I have been following Reece's Rainbow since December of 2010, and had the great privilege of following Carla's journey to Henry from before their commitment. It has radically changed my life.

When I saw your post, I wanted to ask you this question, but couldn't find an artful or eloquent way. So, I guess I'll just ask plainly, why do you think so few Catholics are involved in this very pro-life ministry, and what do you think can be done to increase Catholic involvement? This has been on my mind for a long time, and I don't know who to go to about it. Thanks. :)

Pentimento said...

Robin, you and me both. I don't know the answer, but I have the same question, and have blogged about it before. When we started our adoption process, I looked around for Catholic adoption blogs, and there are very few, while there are hundreds of evangelical ones (the first blog I found, however, led us to our little son in China who, God willing, will be here soon -- something I've blogged about in the past and will do again).

Many evangelical churches have highly-organized and well-funded adoption ministries which encourage, support, and even provide much-needed funds for adoption. Focus on the Family had a special mission in Colorado to encourage Christians to adopt, and the result was that the foster-care roles in that state were REDUCED BY 1/3 -- amazing.

But I have yet to hear anyone speak about it in any kind of official capacity from beneath the aegis of the Catholic Church, including priests at Mass. And it in so many ways provides a missing piece to pro-life advocacy.

My friend Rachael Collins, Esq. has started the Catholic Adoption Association, but it is pretty much on hold right now as she has an adopted infant and is in the midst of a second adoption.

My own pastor is one of six children, three of them adopted, and he has spoken to me privately about his strong belief, based on scripture, that God privileges adoption as a way of forming families in a special and mystical way.

This is fruit for discussion. What are your thoughts?