Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Map of Mercy

The monk must learn how to sin, to be broken, to stand in need, so as to taste the mercy of God. His heart must be shattered and then mended. It thus becomes a map of Christ's mercy. Scars remain deeply engraved on it, making the heart of the monk a testament to the unrestricted forgiveness of God still on offer to every human being.

-- Michael Downey, 
Trappist: Living in the Land of Desire

H/T: Dark Speech Upon the Harp


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This reminds me--but not in a good way--of a friend who has never been to confession and never intends to go.

(Her parents lapsed before she was born and she never had her First Holy Communion. For some reason, they chose to send her to a Catholic high school school, and when she told them she felt left out whenever everyone else received Communion at school Masses, they told her just to go ahead and receive the Eucharist. And she has been happily, if not regularly, doing so since then. She has never learned how to sin.)