Sunday, October 21, 2012

True Success

As I've mentioned, I'm mostly too busy to blog these days. But I wanted to share this, from an occasional column published in the Guardian by Wayne Gooderham, who posts the handwritten dedications he finds in secondhand books:

To my darling Rose,
I once read this in a novel about Chinese life: "Success. What is it? A bubble that breaks at the touch. A shallow dream that too often ends in bitterness and despair. . . .

Do read the rest; you won't fail to be moved.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh, that is lovely.

At the other end of the spectrum, my daughter owns a copy of the Joy of Cooking with a page-long, tear-stained dedication in which the writer assures the receiver that in spite of his sorrow at the parting of their ways, he will always love her and he stands ready to help her should she need him at any time ion the future.

P.S. Although you have not been posting, you have been in my thoughts and prayers, along with your family and your mother.

Pentimento said...

That's fascinating and touching. Perhaps he wanted to help her learn to cook, which somehow reminds me of Cat Stevens's song "Wild World" . . .

And it's not at all like this book inscription:

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I hope to have a chance to post more soon.

eaucoin said...

still enjoying the posts even if they are not so often, have bookmarked this site, really cool.