Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Not to Do It

No, they probably shouldn't have done that.

My cousin (who, incidentally, is pro-life) posted the video in the link to Facebook. I'd say it's a pretty textbook example of how not to protest abortion. Ironic that one of the protesters is carrying an image of the Divine Mercy.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

Sad. Definitely what not to do.

JMB said...

I couldn't hear the video. Maybe it's my laptop. What is the gist of it?

Pentimento said...

A man is scolding the two protesters for yelling at his wife for going into the abortion clinic. Apparently they aborted their disabled child after getting a negative prognosis from a doctor. A very sad situation, and, like many parents who do this, the father apparently has drawn a mental line between what they did and "real" abortion.

Nevertheless, the protesters show no mercy, kindness, charity, understanding or sympathy for him, and dismiss him as an "angry father."

Actually, he's a grieving father. And people like those two presumably well-intentioned women shouldn't be out on the sidewalk if they can't offer any kindness or consolation to people in the grip of tragedy, whether it's come about through their own choices or not.