Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ultra-light blogging, I know. I'm up against some intractable deadlines in my real-life projects.

In the meantime, there is this, from Mozart's Requiem. 

I think if Mozart had written only this one number and nothing else, nothing at all, he would still count among history's greatest musicians. I love the way that the piece's anxiety resolves into confidence in Christ's mercy.

The conductor is John Eliot Gardiner, the orchestra is the English Baroque Soloists, and the solo quartet is the exceptionally fine foursome of American soprano Barbara Bonney, Swedish mezzo Anne Sofie Von Otter, and the English tenor and bass Anthony Rolfe Johnson and Alastair Miles. The tempo is on the fast side, because the orchestra is playing period and period-replica instruments, whose sounds have a rapider decay than their modern counterparts.

The translation:

Remember, kind Jesus,
my salvation caused your suffering;
do not forsake me on that day.

Faint and weary you have sought me,
redeemed me, suffering on the cross;
may such great effort not be in vain. 
Righteous judge of vengeance,
grant me the gift of absolution
before the day of retribution. 
I moan as one who is guilty:
owning my shame with a red face;
suppliant before you, Lord. 
You, who absolved Mary [Magdalene],
and listened to the thief,
give me hope also. 
My prayers are unworthy,
but, good Lord, have mercy,
and rescue me from eternal fire. 
Provide me a place among the sheep,
and separate me from the goats,
guiding me to Your right hand.

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