Friday, June 27, 2008

" . . . those feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise . . . "

I just got the best birthday present ever (my birthday is tomorrow, the feast day of St. Irenaeus). Really Rosie (the author of the post directly below, as well as this one), had her jeweler friend Bonnie make me a pendant inscribed with an excerpt from "The Troparion of Kassiani":

I shall kiss Thy most pure feet and wipe them with the hairs of my head, those feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise, and hid herself for fear.

The tiny text goes around in a circle, like the locket with the text from 1 Corinthians 13 in Bonnie's collection of religious jewelry on her website (I was going to post a picture of the Kassiani pendant, but it didn't come out well).

Really Rosie has reminded me on other occasions that, in spite of the fact that my parish church lacks the sense of fellowship and true community that I long for, I can find those things elsewhere in my life. She is right.


Fallen Sparrow said...

Happy Birthday!

Gloria Dei vivens homo! as Irenaeus would say.

Pentimento said...

Thank you, Fallen Sparrow! I'm pretty much an amateur about birthdays, but I'm hoping for a happy day.

Robot Boy said...

Hey Darling
Elfie Raymond used to tell me that all you needed was one ally to form a community that could resist the degradations of the world.

Pentimento said...

I guess it has to be the right ally, no? That's been my usual mistake . . .
Do you know who gave me the necklace? She makes great cupcakes, too.