Monday, January 12, 2009

McNamara's Blog

Fallen Sparrow, the source of much that is excellent, has put me on to a blog that's right up my alley, McNamara's Blog. The eponymous author, a historian, works as an archivist for the Diocese of Brooklyn, and his blog is full of fascinating facts about Old (Catholic) New York.

(He also has a recent post up about Servant of God Sister Elizabeth Prout, above, in whom I have a special interest; an English convert, she founded the Passionist Sisters in England, the order to which the fictional opera singer Evelyn Innes, one of the subjects of my dissertation, repairs in retreat from the worldly sensuality of her life on the stage.)


Fallen Sparrow said...

"the source of much that is excellent"

Thanks! I found McNamara's Blog through she-who-is-awesomer-than-I-ever-could-be, The Anchoress.

But McNamara is great, and I'll be updating my roll accordingly.

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Pentimento said...

Yeah, The Anchoress is completely cool. But I'm absolutely loving McNamara too. I'm so glad he's writing that blog.