Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Redeemed

From Heather King's memoir Redeemed:

“As for abortion, I’d had three by the time I was confirmed [a recovering alcoholic, King had a conversion and was received into the Catholic Church in her forties], and knew instinctively when I had them, and believe even more strongly now, that abortion is wrong. . . . I’m not saying I don’t understand any number of reasons why I had, and other women have, abortions, or feel driven to abortion, or feel there’s no other option but abortion, but an act of violence can never also be an act leading toward true freedom . . . We have to act as if the universe we long for is already in place, as if the kingdom of God is already here. And by believing it, and acting in accord with our belief, we bring it into being . . . a universe where we admit that actions have consequences and take responsibility for them . . . a universe where every child is welcomed . . . . In a way, [abortion is] a murder of ourselves: a murder of hope, of love, of the only reason we were put here, which is surely to care for and be kind to each other.”

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