Friday, November 19, 2010

Adoption Networks, Please Re-Post: Polish Children in Need of Adoption

I received this email from a Polish friend and wanted to pass it on here,  in the hope that someone might know of the right families for these children.


A woman (Anna Maria), who adopted 3 polish children 10 years ago (just recently returned to the orphanage in Poland for a visit), has been asked by the sisters (Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Czestochowa) to help get the word out that there are 2 different sibling groups of four children each (ages ranging from 2-9) that they are trying to find homes for. These nuns who run the orphanage do not want to see the children split from their siblings. If you all know anyone who might be in a position to adopt a sibling group from Poland, please pass on this information! Anna Maria's number is 703-203-2901. She is here in the U.S. and does speak Polish. If anyone is seriously interested, Anna Maria said she would be glad to talk to them.

Here is the oprhanage directress's contact information:

Sr. Alina Syliwoniuk
Dom Malych Dzieci Home of small children (Orphanage)im. E. Bojanowskiego
E. Bojanowski ul. sw. Kazimierza 1 1
St. Casimir Str 42-200
Czestochowa 42-200

Sr. Alina's phone number is (011) +48(0)34-324- 67-51.


berenike said...

The address is a bit garbled!

Here it is sorted out:

Sr. Alina Syliwoniuk
Dom Malych Dzieci im. E. Bojanowskiego
ul. sw. Kazimierza 1
42-200 Czestochowa

Dom ...Bojanowskiego are all on one line

Translation(don't write this on the envelope!)
E. Bojanowski Home of small children (Orphanage)
1, St. Casimir St.
42-200 Czestochowa

Pentimento said...

Thank you for parsing it, Berenike. I tried to transcribe it from the email, unsuccessfully I see.

berenike said...

oh dear, I didn't mean to be rude or cutting; I though there'd been a formatting mixup or something. I am sorry for coming across as snarky, it wasn't in my mind at all!

Pentimento said...

Not snarky at all, no worries! I hope my comment didn't suggest that, it's not at all what I meant!