Saturday, February 4, 2012

If These Knishes Could Talk

Here's a trailer for a film on the New York accent that will interest some of you accent mavens and nostalgists. Be forewarned that there's an f-bomb of the typical New York variety in the first three seconds.

The best parts: the ASL-speaker asserting that New Yorkers sign differently. And the statement that in New York, there's a constant war going on between nostalgia and amnesia.


ex-new yorker said...

If it ever makes it to a theater, I can just see that being our first time out alone since before the littlest was born. Wouldn't be surprised if we had to go to some specialty theater to find it, though. Then we would avoid going to local restaurants where there might be non-New Yorkers who also just saw the movie annoying me by trying to imitate the accents and failing badly.

Pentimento said...

Oh, the trials of an ex-New Yorker . . . : )

lissla lissar said...

I can't watch the video because Geoff's phone doesn't do videos, but I wanted to ask for prayers- I'm on hospital bedrest with the csection planned for Wednesday. The babies will be only 35 weeks, but they're over four pounds each and we're praying that they can come home with me on Friday.

I haven't gone crazy with boredom yet. I'm rereading classics, napping, and making grocery lists for postpartum.

Sorry for the length- I can't blog or use facebook from here.

Pentimento said...

Praying, Kyra. I'll post about this later so more people will be too.

ex-new yorker said...

Lissla: I will say a prayer for you and your babies too.