Saturday, February 25, 2012

More on Malcolm

 Leila of Little Catholic Bubble is making it her Lenten mission to see that little Malcolm is adopted.

Remember, Malcolm is a developmentally-normal little boy who has cerebral palsy. According to the laws of his country, if he is not adopted before he is five, he will be committed to a mental institution. For life.

From Leila:

There are families who are considering adopting Malcolm and bringing him home to the US. But raising the huge sum needed to get him from Russia to his new home is an unfortunate obstacle, as we can all imagine.

Lent is a time of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. It's the almsgiving part that can really trip us up. I know it does me. But today, I donated to Malcolm's fund, sacrificially. Nothing is truly ours; it all comes from God -- including our money. I'm telling you that I donated (and yes, I'll tell my husband the amount later, gulp) in order to challenge you to do the same. Any amount really, even five dollars, would be so important to this one precious child. Please Bubble readers, let's do this for one lonely little boy and for the love of God. We are Christ's hands and feet. . . 

Please consider little Malcolm's desperate plight as you consider your almsgiving on this first Friday of Lent.

Thank you, thank you, and blessings!


AN UPDATE: Thanks to Leila's fundraising efforts, there is now over $4,700 $5,000 $6,300 available towards Malcolm's adoption! Please give and please pray.


ex-new yorker said...

Thank you for the update. We have continued to pray for Malcolm and the family that might adopt him. It is wonderful that the fund raising effort has been so successful!

Pentimento said...

Thanks for the prayers, Ex-New Yorker.

Kimberlie said...

We will certainly pray and hopefully we can give too. We know from personal experience the overwhelming task of gathering funds for an adoption. As the Body of Christ, I hope we can come together to help bring this boy home with no cost to his family because they will be taking on costs related to therapies for his special need. They will likely gladly take these challenges on, but won't it be so wonderful for them to put the idea of gathering adoption costs? I pray the entire amount is raised!

Maureen said...

Gave some $. Will ask my Aunt, who is a nun, to pray.

Pentimento said...

Excellent! Thank you guys!

Mrs C said...

we'll give too.