Saturday, February 11, 2012


Right, this is not a sports blog. And I'm officially in exile from New York. But even from where I sit, I'm giddy with excitement over the ascendance of J-Lin.

He went to Harvard. He's a Christian. He's Chinese-American. And he's the man who just might save the Knicks.

From the Christian Post:

After his first starting game against the New Jersey Nets, Lin tweeted about having to stay with his teammate Landry Fields when his brother had company [Lin, from San Francisco, is staying with his brother, a dental student at New York University -- did anyone else besides me used to go to the NYU dental clinic?]. Still, he thanked God for the opportunity to do so.

"God is good during our ups and downs! Glad we got the win," Lin tweeted. "Thanks to Landry Fields for letting me crash on his couch last night!"

Such a boy!


Kimberlie said...

As a fellow Knicks fan in excile (and also in agony over the abysmal record in years of late) I am very excited about J-Lin. Yeah! I am cautiously optimistic for their season.

Pentimento said...

Do your sons follow basketball yet? : )

Kimberlie said...

I have one son that started playing this year. He LOVES basketball. He's one of my 8 yr olds. It is fun to watch boys that age play. What a riot!

Mrs C said...

This is great - he'll be a good role model for Jude!